Artemis Eleftheriadou

Artemis Eleftheriadou is Associate Professor and Chair of the Fine and Applied Arts Department at Frederick University, Cyprus. She holds an MA in History of Art from Goldsmiths University and a BA in Visual Communications. Her theoretical interests focus on contemporary art, visual culture and social theory. She has authored articles in international art publications and curated exhibitions/projects that took place in local and international venues, such as the The Ar(t)chaeology Project, Cyprus 2017-2018; Atlandis Lost for the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture, India 2008; Publish Me!, Germany 2005; The Cyprus Participation at the Casoria International Art Centre, Triennial Project, Italy 2005. Her design practice and research concentrates on experimental book design, publishing and socially informed visual communication projects. She works as a freelance designer for the past 22 years, taking on board numerous design projects/clients, among them the Blue Lagoon Group of Hotels, Greece 2009-today; The Cyprus Participation: Socratis Socratous at the Venice Biennale, Italy 2008; Aes Ambelis Commandaria, Cyprus 2013 etc. She is the Chair of the State Awards Committee for Children’s and Teenagers’ Illustrated Books since 2015 and she has been a member of the State Advisory Committee for the funding of Book Publications and the State Advisory Committee for Cypriot Publication Subsidy.