Serge Serov

Professor, Dr. Serge Serov was born 23.01.1952. Graduated from Moscow Institute of Telecommunications (1974) and St.Petersburg State Academic Institute of Fine Arts, Sculpture and Architecture after Ilya Repin (1986). Author of 15 books and 600 articles, published in Russia, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, France, Germany, Estonia, Iran, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Serbia, UK, Ukraine, USA. Editor-in-chief or art director for several magazines. Organizer and curator of 300 design events. President of Golden Bee Moscow Global Biennale of Graphic Design (since 1992). Founder and Head of the Higher Academic School of Graphic Design (1997-2014) and Golden Bee Academy (since 2016). Head of the Design department of RANEPA Design School (since 2017). Vice-President of the Academy of Graphic Design. Member of AGI – Alliance Graphique Internationale, ITC – International Trademark Center, IMAGE – International Meeting About Graphic Events, Brno Biennale Assosiation (honorary member), AIS – International Association of Art Critics, Union of Designers of Ukraine (honorary member), etc. Awards include Golden Badge of Honour for Public Recognition, Rodchenko Award, Honorary Diploma of the U.N. Council for Public Awards, etc.