Keti Mavri

Aekaterini Mavri is a researcher and a PhD student at the Cyprus Interaction Lab as well as a full-time teaching staff member at the department of Multimedia and Graphic Arts at CUT. Aekaterini holds a BA in Visual Communication Design and an MA in Design for Interactive Media from Middlesex University (UK). She has worked as an interactive designer and creative director for several years in the industry and she is currently teaching User Experience and Inclusive design, Web Design and Development and Digital Design modules. Her research interests focus on the role and impact of blended professional/academic communities of Practice (CoPs) in undergraduate education for the digital creative industries, through affordable technologies and constructivist pedagogies. She has also developed and published work on the design and evaluation of document triage interfaces for digital libraries. Aekaterini participates in COST action CA15221 [WeReLaTe] which addresses the challenges of creating effective models towards cohesive teaching, learning, research and writing development.